Coeliac Australia Endorsement Program

The Coeliac Australia Endorsement Program helps you shop gluten free with confidence, as products with these logos have been developed to make gluten free choices quicker, easier and safer.

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The Coeliac Australia Endorsement Logo incorporates the crossed grain logo, which is both nationally and internationally recognisable.  All products using these logos have been reviewed and approved by Coeliac Australia as part of our endorsement program and are suitable for a gluten free diet.

We ask that you support these manufacturers by purchasing products carrying these logo whenever possible. This will help maintain the range and variety of products available from these manufacturers and encourage them to continue to supply gluten free options for those with coeliac disease or other conditions requiring a gluten free diet.

Coeliac Australia maintains a directory of endorsed products, where you can search for products by keyword (including brand, category or manufacturer). This provides information such as where to buy these products, and contact details for the manufacturer, should you wish to contact them directly. You can download a complete list of endorsed products, if you would prefer.

The Coeliac Australia Endorsement Program, utalising the Crossed Grain Logo, is a trademark owned and administered by Coeliac Australia under a licence agreement.  Products that use this logo are:

  • Gluten Free – the product must be tested to have no detectable gluten as per the FSANZ guidelines for gluten free.
  • Subject to laboratory testing every 12 months.
  • Independently approved.
  • Supporting those following a gluten free diet.

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