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With more and more Australians following a gluten free diet for different reasons, it can be difficult at times to identify what the term gluten free actually means in the food service sector. For people with coeliac disease, this is the only form of medical treatment, while for others it may be a lifestyle choice. What is important is that gluten is identified as one of the top ten allergens under the Food Standards Australia code and a gluten free request should always be taken seriously. 

Coeliac Australia has the following programs to assist food service providers and manufacturers to meet customer demand for gluten free products and services:

Food Service

  • Gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector - establishes mandatory and best practice processes for providing gluten free options.
  • Online Training - an interactive and engaging training module developed to cover the best practice of the Gluten Free Standard for Food Service Providers. Successful learners are awarded a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Gluten Free Accreditation Program - entitles food service providers to use the unique Gluten Free Accreditation symbol to signify their commitment to training and procedures that allow gluten free diners to eat with confidence.


Endorsement Program - licensed use of Endorsement Logo on packaged gluten free products to remove uncertainty and allow gluten free consumers to make confident choices.


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